VAULTMAN x Mei Lin Hii x John Thomas

Live Painting & Music


Dance Performance


Classical Music


Classical Music

Immerse yourself in a world of sweet serenades and wonders of rhythmic body movements. 

VAULTMAN x Mei Lin Hii x John Thomas

Live painting & music - official launch of the exhibition
"Black Work. L’Œuvre au Noir"

In the face of the fast-paced rhythm of our contemporary lives, the plethora of choices that new media use to satisfy our available brain time, or even the simplistic duality that social networks seem to generate, Vaultman has decided to go against the grain of this informational frenzy by adopting the simplest possible technique in black and white for the works in this exhibition, in an attempt to reconnect with the essential.

From the dialogue between these two tones, an infinity of impressions and emotions can arise, provided that we pay attention to the nuances. Difference appears as a possibility to merge rather than a confrontation between two entities.

The dialogue between black and white will extend in the form of a performance bringing music and painting together, with the exceptional participation of two great Malaysian artists, Mei Lin Hi, a concert pianist, and John Thomas, a jazz drummer.

Friday, June 2 
Time 7pm (performance starts at 8:30pm)
Venue The Godown 11 Lorong Ampang 7, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Free upon RSVP 



Brought by KHAM Company

Cercle is a solo at the crossroads of cultures with which the choreographer Olé Khamchanla from the KHAM company, interacts and creates, borrowing from the West and the East, drawing from the gestures of the street and those of the classical arts.

In Cercle, the choreographer questions which forms his practice of dance has taken today, hybrid and multicultural in essence. He tries to push the limits of his movements to explore a new energy. Both an interior and exterior space for exploration, the circular figure is also a symbol of universality in his vocabulary, and in those of certain traditional dances.

Saturday, June 3 & Sunday, June 4
Time: 8pm
The Godown: 11 Lorong Ampang 7, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
RM10 (non-member) | Free (AFKL member)

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Around the world 

Brought by Euroasia

Music, perhaps more than anything, fits the description “it isn’t the destination, it’s the journey”. Musicians move from phrase to phrase, theme to cadence, as they take audiences on journeys of imagination, across seas and boundaries and time. 

Journey with guitarist Prof. Matthew Marshall, violist Dr. Andrew Filmer, pianist Soon Kun Ming, violinist/pianist Angel Lee, violinist Mabel Wong and cellist Ivan Torres, carried on the wings of masterpieces of Mozart, Dvorak, Boccherini, Bizet and Puccini.

Be mesmerised by one of Malaysia’s most highly acclaimed sopranos Cecilia Yap, and look forward to a special appearance by Euroasia Patron HH Tunku Zain Al-’Abidin – and a mystery guest performer.

Friday, June 16
Time: 8pm - 9:15pm
Venue: AFKL, 15 Lorong Gurney 54100 Kuala Lumpur
Admission: RM50
Reserve at 

Bijoux Français II

Brought by Euroasia

Presenting a repertoire of ensemble and solo pieces by celebrated French composers Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Édouard Lalo, and César Franck, as well as classics by Mozart and Mendelssohn - Euroasia Sinfonia takes the stage for their debut performance, along with top Euroasia prize winners and featuring a special appearance by Euroasia patron Tunku ‘Abidin in Bijoux Français II.

Date: Sunday, June 18
Time: 6:30pm - 8:10pm
Venue: AFKL, 15 Lorong Gurney 54100 Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Reserve at