French for Children

With our structured curriculum, children will discover French through classes aimed at establishing a strong base in four essential skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. This ensures a well-rounded understanding and proficiency in the language, fostering a solid foundation for their linguistic journey.

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Kindly take note that we are quite strict on age groups: each of them has been especially designed by our talented team to answer exactly the cognitive and affective development of your children. Our teachers also adapt themselves to the specific needs of each child and each group.

To select the class of your choice, use the provided filters to tailor your preferences. Adjust these filters to find the perfect fit for your learning style and schedule!

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A1 Basic

Authentic Trial Class Prim (7-9 yo)

Trial class

Let your child decide if they like the class! Enrol them for one class only, with no commitment!

Your little one will join the first actual class of the term with the teacher and classmates they'll have if they sign up. In this session, they'll learn their first French words with other beginners who also enrolled! After the trial, feel free to ask questions to our experienced teacher and coordinators, ensuring you have all the information you need.

Extensive | Basic Prim 1

Regular classes - Children

In this class, your child will start his/her journey into the French language! Kids will discover the French alphabet, the colors, numbers from 0 to 10, class stationeries, some games and the days of the week. They will also learn how to say their name, tell how they are, sing and play! Textbook: Passe-Passe 1, Etape 1

Extensive | Basic Prim 2

Regular classes - Children

In this class, your child will learn how to:   - say which activities they like and don't like   - tell their age and ask for someone's age   - talk about food and drinks, say what they want to eat and drink   - organise a birthday party Textbook: Passe-Passe 1, Etape 1

Extensive | Basic Prim 4

Regular classes - Children

In this class, your children will learn how to:   - describe something   - give an order   - talk about the weather   - tell where they are going   - explain where something is   - describe their clothes Textbook: Passe-Passe 1, Etape 2

Extensive | Basic Prim 7

Regular classes - Children

In this level, your children will learn how to: - Describe the objets and rooms of the house - Understand and give orders - Talk about the places in town - Purchase something

Textbook: Passe Passe 2 Etape 2

Extensive | Basic Prim 8

Regular classes - Children

In this level, your children will learn how to:

- Ask and give the way to go somewhere - Explain why they can’t accept an invitation - Explain which activities can be done during the different seasons - Talk about the activities in the countryside - Describe the farm animals - Talk about a past experience

Textbook: Passe Passe 2 Etape 2

A2 Intermediate

Extensive | Intermediate Prim 1

Regular classes - Children
Your children have now studied all the basics of French and can start the Intermediate A2 programme! They will slowly discover how to better express themselves, talk about past and future, learn more vocabulary...

Textbook: Passe Passe 3 Etape 1

Français Langue Maternelle

Petits Francophones (7-9 yo)

Regular classes - Children
French classes for French-speaking children schooled in another language in Kuala Lumpur
This class is specifically designed for fluent children (7-9 yo only) that already know how to read and write in English. 
The aim is to give them enough tools to learn the written French as well as progress in their specific use of vocabulary and grammar.

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