Défi Inter Alliances 2024

Test your knowledge of French language and culture in the Défi Inter-Alliances Françaises and get a chance to win a trip to France!

What is it?

Here comes the Défi Inter-Alliances again: An International online contest on French culture, with wonderful prizes to win!

Eight Alliances Françaises from South-East Asia (Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, Bangkok, Singapore, Medan, Makassar, Cebu & Manila) are participating in a worldwide competition: their students will compete by answering questions about French culture, art, gastronomy, history and language.

Practise your French, test your knowledge, compete with your friends, have fun… and maybe proudly represent Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia in an international competition!

Tune in to the live broadcast of Défi InterAlliances - Kuala Lumpur edition on AFKL's Facebook page on April 24, Wednesday at 7:30 pm with the link: (Coming soon)

How & when?


Terms & Conditions

Register to the Défi Kuala Lumpur

Registration form

Défi InterAlliances 2024 -  Kuala Lumpur

Four important dates:

  • Wednesday 24 April, 7.30pm: all candidates of Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur will compete together
  • Wednesday 15 May, 7.30pm (KL time): the first 2 winners from AFKL will compete with the first two winners of each Alliance Française of the South-East Asia group (meaning there will be 16 participants in total)
  • Saturday 1 June 2024, 5pm (KL time): The final by geographic zones will take place online.
  • Tuesday 1 October 2024  The international final will take place onsite, in the Theatre of Alliance Française de Paris (time to be confirmed).

    Before registering, kindly ensure that you meet all the requirements:
  1. You are at least 18 years old on 15 September 2024
  2. You  have a A2 level minimum or are in the process of learning this level (meaning from level Intermediate 3 in our classes)
  3. You are studying French at  Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur (group classes or private tuition), with a minimum of 20 hours from 1 January to 30 June 2024.
  4. You agree to turn your camera on during the online competition on Zoom
  5. You agree to provide a picture of you if you win the local  finale, that will be used to promote the event on social media
  6. You are available to join all the steps of the competition in case you win several of them (see the calendar here below)
  7. You can join the competition using both a computer and a phone at the same time ; your internet connection is quick and stable   

At the end of the form, you'll have to download a copy of your IC or passport identity page to confirm your registration.

Don't forget to read the competition T&C too! Registrations will be open until 22 April included. 

Kindly fill all the following fields:  

Prénom (First Name) :
Nom (Family name) : 
Date de naissance :DD / MM / YYYY
Adresse email :
Numéro de téléphone
Numéro de Whatsapp :
Addresse postale en Malaisie
What is your level in French (or the level you are currently studying)?
What is your current situation ?
Will you be available to join all steps of the Défi InterAlliances if you win some of them?
Kindly upload a copy of your IC or Passport (identity page) :

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