DELF Scolaire & Junior B2 (picture version)


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Get ready for the D-Day! In color, lively and highly illustrated, this book has been specially designed to prepare teenagers for the DELF B2 exam. They will strengthen their four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) thanks to:
  • activities to revise all B2 notions and to develop understanding and production strategies
  • activities to train on the communicative skills assessed in DELF B2
  • 2 mock exams
  • a CD
  • answers and transcriptions

You can discover a few pages of this book here.

Note: this workbook is designed for the DELF Scolaire et Junior (for teenagers, 12-17 years old). For adults (above 17 years old) and for children (7-11 years old), kindly look for the specific workbooks in our selection.

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