LEFF 2024 'Allez Les Bleus' Storyplaying by KL Shakespeare Players

The French Festival 2024 is delighted to present "ALLEZ LES BLEUS", created and performed by KL Shakespeare Players. This innovative show blends traditional storytelling with theatrical performance, promising to captivate audiences of all ages.

Storyplaying is a playful form of storytelling that brings narratives to life through immersive performances. KL Shakespeare Players, staying true to the festival's theme, will enchant audiences with their retelling celebrating the spirit of sports and camaraderie. 

Have you ever wondered what happened after the Tortoise won the race against the Hare? Here is what KL Shakespeare Players think could have happened: a final rematch, between the Hare that wants to restore its honour and the Tortoise, willing to prove that efforts can lead you anywhere. Who will be the winner this time?

Kindly find the the performances’ schedule at PJPAC: 

May 30th | 10am

Dedicated to school audiences
Contact us at festival@afkualalumpur.org

May 31st | 10am

Dedicated to school audiences
Contact us at festival@afkualalumpur.org

June 1st | 10am

Open to all


Children aged 6 and above are invited to join this interactive adventure that explores the profound values embodied in sports, echoing the inclusive spirit of the Olympic Games.

In a gesture of inclusivity, the booking fee is set at an accessible RM15 per student for class bookings, ensuring that this enriching experience remains affordable for all.

Kindly email us at festival@afkualalumpur.org with the specific performance date, name of school and the number of participants. 

For general audiences, booking fees are fixed at RM35 with a RM15 discount for AFKL adherents to the membership.

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