LEFF2024 Theatre Workshop by Marsu

French singer Marsu will be leading an engaging theatre workshop for all ages at AFKL!

This two-hour workshop will be divided into two parts: one hour of directed group games and one hour of improvisation. Here is what Marsu has to say about the upcoming workshop!

''I have always conducted workshops with people of various ages mingling. It turns out that it's very interesting for each child, teenager, and adult to play together and bring in innocence or a bit of maturity and their experience. What I love about this kind of workshop and theater in general is when a group is formed. My direction leans towards that. I've developed a method forged from all my experiences: clowning, movement, chorus, sound, objects, group dynamics, listening, language, masks... The group shares their fears, either in silence or through words. I am their guide for a moment so that we can listen together, here and now. With adults, I also enjoy working with sound and objects. Playing with an object, making it speak, inventing the sound of a train, the sea, the air... as a group.
The second part of the workshop aims to develop everyone's imagination, to invent collectively, to listen to each other based on a given theme or assigned responsibilities or constraints to respect. I put each actor in rehearsal conditions, regardless of age, guiding each to follow their will while remaining attentive to any directives I might give in real time. This teaches the relationship between the stage and the external observer and compels the actor to think less and shift their focus into their body, their performance, their speech, or their listening towards their partners."

 Tuesday, June 18th, 8pm

 Alliance Francaise de KL, 15, Lorong Gurney 54100 KL

 RM20 for non-members | RM10 for AFKL members

The workshop will be conducted in French. While there will be people who can help to translate, having a basic understanding of French may make participation easier.

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