LEFF2024 Pour la beauté du geste Exhibition by Serge Périchon

Step into the captivating world of athleticism and artistry as Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur proudly presents the vernissage of Serge Périchon's mesmerizing photography exhibition entitled 'Pour la beauté du geste'.

Through his lens, he captures the essence of sports in its purest form, showcasing the grace, strength, and determination of athletes in action. Experience the thrill of the moment frozen in time and immerse yourself in the passion and dedication depicted in each captivating image.

 Tuesday, June 4th, 7pm

 Alliance Francaise de KL, 15, Lorong Gurney 54100 KL

 Free entry upon RSVP

About the artist

Serge Périchon, based in Rouen, France, is an accomplished teacher and photographer known for his captivating visual storytelling. His collaborative ventures with painters and theater companies have led to numerous exhibitions and projects, showcasing his mastery of light and emotion. Co-founder of "La GaleriE," Périchon has curated shows featuring esteemed artists. His solo exhibitions offer intimate glimpses into his artistic exploration. Périchon's contributions extend to publications and cinema, reflecting his versatile talent and passion for storytelling across mediums.

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