LFF2023 x Olé Khamchanla Dance Workshop

Date: Thursday, June 1
10am - 12pm 
ASK Dance Company Studio 
RM50 / pax

About the Workshop 
The dancers are trained to Olé Khamchanla's techniques and vocabulary. They explore his working methods and creative process while exploring their own artistic research using these materials. After a warm-up session, the group will go through a few exercises led by Olé - a training of the body which introduces the corporality of his practice and the starting point of artistic research. The choreographer will then share core techniques and movements from hip hop, contemporary and traditional South Asian dances, a combination of genres that is intrinsic to his vocabulary. Through various exercises and improvisations, participants will explore and experiment with different states of the body and energies. By using Olé's gestures, they are invited to find their place as individuals and related to the other subjects. The result of these explorations sometimes results in a group composition, led by the choreographer.

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