Anti-spectacular: the colours of time passing by
with Lorraine Thiria & Nadirah Zakariya

Exhibition opening:  June 1st, Thursday  
June 1st - September 7th
Venue:  AFKL - 15 Lorong Gurney, 54100 Kuala Lumpur
7pm (Opening) |
11am to 6pm (Exhibition)


Blackwork. L’Œuvre au Noir
by Vaultman

Exhibition opening:  
June 2nd, Friday 
Dates:  June 2nd - June 17th
Venue:  The Godown - 11 Lorong Ampang 7, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Time: 7pm (Opening) | 11am to 7pm (Exhibition)


Anti-spectacular: the Colours of Time Passing by

An exhibition by Lorraine Thiria x Nadirah Zakariya

‘Anti-spectacular: the colours of time passing by’ is a duo photography exhibition by Lorraine Thiria (France) and Nadirah Zakariya (Malaysia) presented by the Alliance Française of Kuala Lumpur.A peculiar attention to the ordinary is at the core of the two artists’ practice. In the selected works, the ordinary is not conceived as boring and redundant, but rather as a fully-fledged, legitimate area of interest.

They develop a humble sensitivity to the beauty of what surrounds them and composes their daily life and by extension, ours. By getting the interest of the camera’s ‘eye’, what is banal, common, usually unconsidered and left apart is suddenly beautified and becomes worthy of fascination.Lorraine Thiria is passionate about walls and their texture, the unique patterns of decaying facades while the colourful still life compositions of Nadirah Zakariya open the door to a peaceful introspection. Coupled together, the pictures look into how time leaches into any surface, organic and mineral.

The two photographers transform their lifeless subjects into raw emotional matter. At last, time is present everywhere; these pictures might be attempts to portray it, appealing to Bergson’s concept of ‘time-image’.

Blackwork. L’Œuvre au Noir

An exhibition by Vaultman

In the face of the fast-paced rhythm of our contemporary lives, the plethora of choices that new media use to satisfy our available brain time, or even the simplistic duality that social networks seem to generate, Vaultman has decided to go against the grain of this informational frenzy by adopting the simplest possible technique in black and white for the works in this exhibition, in an attempt to reconnect with the essential.

From the dialogue between these two tones, an infinity of impressions and emotions can arise, provided that we pay attention to the nuances. Difference appears as a possibility to merge rather than a confrontation between two entities.

The dialogue between black and white will extend in the form of a performance bringing music and painting together, with the exceptional participation of two great Malaysian artists, Mei Lin Hi, a concert pianist, and John Thomas, a jazz drummer.

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