Trial Classes @AFKL

Come and discover our interactive and fun French classes!

During our trial classes, one of our great teachers will introduce the French language to you, as well as our effective & motivating learning methods.

We regularly host Trial Classes tailored for Adults, Teenagers, and Children starting from 20 months old. These sessions are available and can be experienced either onsite or online, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for all participants.


New Year, New Challenges: Free Trial Classes for Adults and Teens!

Get ready to dive into French with our free trial classes made just for adults and teens! Start 2024 with a new challenge that boosts your confidence and takes you a step closer to the future you deserve.
During these online trial classes, our native experienced teacher will give you a sneak peek of WHAT and HOW you'll be learning in the New Year. Plus, you get to decide if you want to join our online or onsite class afterward. Don't miss this chance to explore a new language and decide if it's your thing!

Beyond the Ordinary Trial: An Authentic French Class for Children!

In 2024, we're offering a unique opportunity for your child to experience their first Authentic French Class. No more trial, just a genuine introduction to the language!
With this real session, we want to make your children feel comfortable in their learning environment, featuring their actual classroom, but most importantly their teacher, and classmates. Let your little one decide if they like the class. Enrol them for one class only, with no commitment! 

What are you waiting for? Scroll down, choose your age group, day and time and sign up!

  • More than 60 years of experience in teaching French in Malaysia
  • A qualified and experienced team of native teachers
  • Small groups
  • Interactive and motivating teaching methods
  • Immersive and friendly environment
  • A wide variety of courses with various choices of paces and timing
  • Alliance Française is the largest cultural network in the world

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