Adult Masterclass with French DJ Sūn Jùn

Date: 07 Nov 2023, 7:30pm - 9:00pm (GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur

Masterclass with French DJ Sūn Jùn 

Prepare to take your DJing skills to the next level at the exclusive Masterclass with the renowned French DJ, Sūn Jùn. 

Join DJ Sūn Jùn, a master of the turntables and electronic music, for a transformative evening of learning and musical exploration. Whether you're an experienced DJ looking to refine your craft or an aspiring artist seeking to break into the world of electronic music, this masterclass promises to inspire and elevate your skills.

The masterclass theme will be "From musical selection to the creation of a set." This subject offers ample scope for discussion, allowing for an in-depth exploration of topics such as how DJs curate a selection of cohesive tracks, the methods they employ for organizing their music collection, and the various mixing techniques utilized in live performances. The masterclass will also delve into the exciting world of live remixing, and it will culminate with a segment on initiating your first foray into original sound creation.

Date    :  7 November 2023
Time   :  7.30pm-9pm
Venue :  Alliance Française de KL, 15, Lorong Gurney

Designed for adults. 

Sūn Jùn is a French artist, songwriter and producer born to Chinese (Teochew from Cambodia) parents. He rebelled from his classical training to play instruments in bands and DJ, and spent countless nights experimenting with recorded sounds and software synthesis. He developed an innovative and unique production style that focuses on emotions regardless of genres, making him a sought-after collaborator: his contributions to a wide variety of songs by exciting international acts such as CHLOBOCOP, Antslive Tallisker or Ramengvrl, to name a few, garner millions of streams worldwide.

 In 2023, Sūn Jùn will make his highly-anticipated debut as a solo artist with a string of releases paving the way to a self-exploration journey that only he could sing. His first album reflects his transition from a producer to a complete artist with a fully-formed sound. He will debut his live show on tour in Asia in October 2023.

Instagram : @callmesunjun
Tik Tok : @callmesunjun

Listen to his debut album :
All production credits :

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