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A1 Basic

Extensive | Basic Prim 1

Regular classes - Children

In this class, your child will start his/her journey into the French language! Kids will discover the French alphabet, the colors, numbers from 0 to 10, class stationeries, some games and the days of the week. They will also learn how to say their name, tell how they are, sing and play!

Textbook: Passe-Passe 1, Etape 1

Extensive | Basic Prim 2

Regular classes - Children

In this class, your child will learn how to:
  - say which activities they like and don't like
  - tell their age and ask for someone's age
  - talk about food and drinks, say what they want to eat and drink
  - organise a birthday party

Textbook: Passe-Passe 1, Etape 1

Extensive | Basic Prim 5

Regular classes - Children

In this level, your children will learn how to:

- Describe someone physically
- Name the countries, nationalities and languages
- Talk about the professions
- Talk about their daily routines
- Say which transports they use

Textbook: Passe-Passe 2 Etape 1

Extensive | Basic Prim 6

Regular classes - Children

In this level, your children will learn how to:

- Mention the activities done in class
- Talk about school subjects and their schedule
- Name the months of the year
- Organize a school celebration
- Understand the ingredients and actions needed for a recipe
- Describe a costume for the carnival

Textbook: Passe Passe 2 Etape 1

Extensive | Basic Prim 7

Regular classes - Children

In this level, your children will learn how to:
- Describe the objets and rooms of the house
- Understand and give orders
- Talk about the places in town
- Purchase something

Textbook: Passe Passe 2 Etape 2

A2 Intermediate

Extensive | Intermediate Prim 4

Regular classes - Children
Français Langue Maternelle

ISKL Francophones Primaire| Sep Dec 2023

External Class

The main goal of this course is to support fluent French speaking children in their learning of the written and oral French language. Classes will not only focus on the different aspects of the language such as reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, ... but also on cultural activities and projects. Through dynamic sessions, the children will be constantly active and will create written and oral productions in various forms (for example: presentations, videos, posters, ...). Given the short time of each session, teachers will regularly give homework to allow children to review, and therefore consolidate, their learning.

Note: This course is for children schooled in ISKL only

Petits Francophones (7-9 yo)

Regular classes - Children
French classes for French-speaking children schooled in another language in Kuala Lumpur
This class is specifically designed for fluent children (6-8 yo only) that already know how to read and write in English. 
The aim is to give them enough tools to learn the written French as well as progress in their specific use of vocabulary and grammar.
Holiday Workshops

Holiday Workshop Oct-Nov 2023 | Little Chefs’ Delicacies (7-9yo)

Workshops - Children

Little Chefs’ Delicacies (Culture & Cuisine)

A delicious voyage that brings sweet dreams to life! 

Let's embark on a flavorful journey through France and beyond! For our Little Chefs, each day will be an unforgettable adventure, as they explore time-honored recipes and those inspired by faraway places. Every delicacy tells a unique cultural tale. Picture our Little Chefs crafting a classic French strawberry tart, relishing an “île flottante” worthy of the finest pastry chefs, diving into an exquisite chocolate mousse, or even making delightful baklavas that will melt hearts!

Holiday Workshop Oct-Nov 2023 | Monsters & Co. (9-12yo)

Workshops - Children

Monsters & Co. (Theater workshops)

Join us for an experience filled with thrills, emotions, and creativity, where shadows transform into captivating tales!

Have you ever heard of the Voirloups, the Tac, and the Galipote? Are you aware of what unfolds at night, when all cats are gray, and only the whisper of the wind through the jungle can be heard? Legendary creatures will inhabit our week, and a thousand stories will emerge from our unbridled imaginations. Collective creations, improvisations, and hair-raising tales will be on our menu as we delight in the art of giving ourselves a good scare.

With Gregory, a professional actor

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Code: CO - ISKL Francophones Primaire| Sep Dec 2023
no class on September 27th and October 25th

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