LFFF2022 x Martell Cocktail Workshop

Approx $43.19 USD

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From the Queen Mary to Concorde, The Royal Court to hip hop parties, from neat, on ice to cocktails and long drinks, The unique taste of Martell has been enjoyed in many different ways throughout the centuries. Inspired by Rachel Martell’s legacy “I want the best without artifice”, Martell has been and still is all about taste, yours. Building on our heritage in the mixology world, we want to reinvent iconic drinks, with an audacious twist. We invite you to board on a fabulous journey to discover or rediscover the exciting world of mixology with Martell.

Date    : June 18
Time    : 6pm
Venue  : REXKL- Cheong Somm Wine Bar
Price    : RM190/pax


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