LFFF2022 x Lillet Cocktail Workshop

Approx $43.10 USD

Only 10 left!


Lillet is a premium aperitif made out of a subtle combination of French wines and fruit macerations. Maison Lillet has kept its uniqueness by relying on passed-on-know-how and a strong French Heritage. As far-fetched as it sounds, it can be said with confidence that Lillet can never be consumed in a wrong way as it is “Yours to Define”! With this said, we are going to redefine Lillet with an Asian twist! The bartender has some trick up his sleeves. So come enjoy!

Date    : June 18
Time    : 4pm
Venue  : REXKL- Cheong Somm Wine Bar
Price    : RM190/pax


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