Exhibition Anthology Of Metaverses

Nov 24 - Jan 19 @AFKL

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Anthology of Metaverses
A Journey of Traversing Realities
Anthology of Metaverses (AoM) is an online initiative, catalogue, exhibition space and virtual artist residency that embraces the idea of the internet as a ‘deterrialtorised’ space, with a dedication towards making art showcases and viewing accessible using the internet as both a platform and a medium. The project aims to encourage critical conversations in contemporary art and screen culture with a focus on Digital Art, Internet Art and New Aesthetic artworks that are specific to Southeast Asia today, by building a catalogue of artists working in the region, to address the marginalisation and lack of any historical perspective and access to such works.
To date, since it was established in 2021, AoM has hosted two online exhibitions which are AoM 1.0, featuring 20 participants of various backgrounds (visual art, music, video art, digital art, amongst others) as well as Mixed Signals, which highlights 6 projects produced through an online residency program hosted by the platform. 
This presentation at AFKL entitled A Journey of Traversing Realities is meant to celebrate the crosses and intersections between our virtual and physical spaces, by offering an experience that combines both realms. This interactive exhibition includes various elements surrounding the platform and digital community, from printed archives from AoM’s past virtual shows, to recent Virtual Reality (VR) works from Southeast Asian and French artists, as curated by AoM. 

Co-founders and co-curators 
James LyLalune (Amanda Ariawan)
Collaborator artist
Rimbawan Gerilya
Coding and web development
Ian Yong
Identity designer
Coune and Nabilla Wardhana (NWCN) 
Collateral designer and copywriter
Jin Tee 


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