Practice and improve your French differently.

With Alliance Française, you may choose to focus on certain fields and topics such as Literature or Conversation, or to develop specific skills such as Grammar, Phonetics, Speaking,  Writing, or Exam Preparation.

These workshops and theme classes are open to everyone, you just have to be or become a member. Come to our reception or write to our course counselors should you need more information or want to enrol!

Conversation class

Focus on the dynamics of everyday speech!

French, culture, general knowledge, contemporary world, arts, history…. These are some of the topics you will discuss during our popular Conversation classes – en français, bien sûr ! The teacher will adapt the themes to the centres of interest of the group.

Our small group policy (8 students maximum) and the expertise of our great teachers will make these classes interactive and fun.

If you are not sure which class to choose, you can contact us or sit for our placement test!

 "Refresh" classes

Strengthen your basics!

In this dynamic class, you will refresh some key notions of the A2 programme in terms of grammar and conjugation, but also practice your speaking and writing skills and improve your vocabulary with one of our great teachers. 

You will also be offered more practice outside of the class thanks to self-correcting activities on our online platform.

A fresh (re)start before joining higher classes or sitting for DELF in March! 
This class is also a great add-on to your regular class of higher level.

Designed for participants who already completed the A2 level (from Intermediate 3 or 4 classes at AFKL), or for participants who need to strengthen the A2 basics in order to improve more in the highest levels - whenever it is because you're not feeling strong enough or because you had a break in your learning and forgot some notions.

If you're not sure about your level, kindly contact our team.

A fresh restart or a great add-on to higher classes!

DELF Preparation Workshops

Learn all the study and exam tips in our online preparation workshops!

Increase your odds of success for the upcoming DELF session by registering to one of our preparation workshops. You will discover the specific exercises of your level and learn all the tips helping you to be confident... and to succeed!

Note: As we are an association, all our students have to become members of AFKL (except for “à la carte” workshops”).
Annual membership of RM100 will be added to your quotation, should you not be a member already or should your membership have expired.

Depending on your class, you may have to buy a book set, including a textbook and an exercise book.