Storytelling Contes - 4 Feb 2023 [9:15am]

Approx $5.85 USD


For the first session of the new year, Grégory invites you to the magic of classic tales! Come laugh, fear and be enthralled by these great illustrated versions of The little red riding hood, The princess and the pea, Goldilocks, the Fairies and The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Chosen for the young ones... but also to please anyone who wants to listen to French stories, the albums will be read in music by professional actor Grégory and their beautiful images will be screened behind him. 
After the session, some audience might want to join the coloring time with an image from one of the books, while some of you may prefer discussing a little bit with Grégory.

- RM25
- RM18 for our current students (to enjoy this special discount, kindly make sure to log in to the website using the email address you or your children are registered to AFKL with)
- free for accompanying adults

Sold tickets are non refundable and only transferable to another session of the same storytelling.