LFFF2022 x Si Ponti m’était conté - Session 11am

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Making use of all of his repertoire as a professional actor, Grégory gives life to the vibrant worlds and characters populating Claude Ponti’s albums. From a naive little creature, a ridiculous monster, a meticulous chick to a caring narrator, he invites the spectators to take part in these weird reveries where imagination is limitless. By means of an inventive immersive sound and visual atmosphere, the children slowly plunge into the genius universes created by Claude Ponti. The images from the albums will be projected on screen and it will be followed by a coloring session related to one of the albums read.

Date    : June 18
Time    : 11am 
Venue  : AFKL
Price    : RM25 per pax 

A storytelling session by professional actor Grégory for the children aged 3-7 years old but everyone is welcome.

Due to the limited capacity at the venue, all attendees are required to purchase the ticket(s) by seat(s) including parents/guardians.

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