TCF is flexible, widely recognised for studying in French-speaking universities, for citizenship or for immigration purposes.

Description & Structure


Test de Connaissance du Français / French Language Evaluation Test. It allows non-native speakers of French to obtain a simple, effective and precise evaluation of their skills in comprehension and expression.

Click here to access the “Manuel du candidat” (in French).

TCF Canada:

All the tests of the exam are compulsory. In order to qualify to score points for Canada immigration purposes, candidates need to achieve B2 (Advanced) level minimum.


Candidates will receive a certificate issued by the French Ministry of Education. It is valid for 2 years from taking the test.

The certificate shows results with a total score between 100 and 699 as well as a mention of the corresponding Common European Reference Framework for Languages level, from A1 to C2: TCF: The exam consists of 3 tests: a compulsory test and two optional tests (composition and oral). You may take the tests in different sessions. However, for taking only the optional tests, you must have a valid compulsory test certificate.

For French nationality purposes, starting from 1 April 2020, candidates have to take all the 3 tests in the same session and achieve B1 level minimum.

For further information about TCF, visit the France Education International (formerly CIEP) website.
For further information about Canadian immigration application, visit IRCC.

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