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Monthly free public talks at Alliance Francaise

What is MondayTalks? (previously known as FrenchTalks)

Welcoming French and Malaysian experts, it aims at creating a space of dialogue between Malaysia and France and their cultures. These multi-voice conversations between scientists, intellectuals, writers or artists cover a great variety of topics.

Organised monthly by Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur and the Embassy of France in Malaysia.

Talks conducted in English.

Free entrance - book online.

Coming Up:

Book launch "Malaisie contemporaine" - Understanding the dynamics of contemporary Malaysia

Monday, April 25, 2022

7:30pm - 10pm

45 min talk, 15 min Q&A, light refreshments
Talk conducted in English

Event description

Both continental and insular, culturally diverse and influenced by Asia’s most important civilisations (Islam, China and India), medium-sized but considered an emerging country, the Federation of Malaysia is at the heart of Southeast Asia and its issues. It is, however, one of the most misunderstood and less known states in the region: surprisingly Malaysia seems to be a blind spot in social science research, perhaps because of its historical trajectory without any major geopolitical crisis in domestic or world affairs, amidst an economically prosperous and politically stable environment.

Malaisie Contemporaine (directed by David Delfolie, Nathalie Fau and Elsa Lafaye de Micheaux, Bangkok-Paris: IRASEC-Les Indes Savantes, 2021, 600 p.) is the result of a long-term collaboration between French and Malaysian researchers. It analyses the singularity of a Malaysian model that has so much to contribute empirically and theoretically to the more global understanding of social phenomena. Geographers, economists, anthropologists, historians, political scientists, and literature specialists offer here a rigorous and accessible synthesis of the latest research on Malaysia. This monograph presents the specificities of domestic and foreign policies dominated by diplomatic, regional and security issues. It highlights the originality of an extroverted economic growth, framed by a rentier, investor and redistributor State, as well as it questions the consequences of political choices on the spatial organisation of a country marked by strong territorial disparities, by the proximity of the sea and by the power of the cities.

The book will be on sale after the event and an English version of the introduction will be available. Three of the book's authors will be present as well as the director and deputy director of IRASEC (the Institute for research on contemporary Southeast Asia, based in Bangkok), who edited the book.

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Past Events:

The sustainable city in the tropics
The Alliances Françaises and the Embassy of France in Malaysia in partnership with the Penang Institute present the second conference of the year in the cycle on urban biodiversity entitled « The sustainable city in the tropics ».

📍Penang Institute – 10, Jalan Brown, George Town, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang
📅 Monday 14 March 2022
⏰ 06:30 pm

➡ For more information & to register to the event at the Penang Institute:

➡ Facebook event:


As part of the conference, performer Aida Redza and designer Lisa Foo will then present a video of their project Moved by Padi, originally showcased in 2016 during the George Town Festival, which recreated a rice field in the center of George Town.

14 March 2022 Watch on Youtube Pt.1  Watch on Youtube Pt.1 

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Monday Talks: 13 December 2021

The talk will be followed by a book sale of “Diary of a French Missionary: Penang during the Japanese Occupation” and light refreshments.
Serge Jardin is a memory smuggler, a trained geographer and historian. He has been in love with Malaysia for more than 30 years now; his latest publication “Diary of a French Missionary: Penang during the Japanese Occupation” addresses a wide variety of topics: the Occupation seen by a neutral and a priest, the daily life of the civilians, the resilience to adapt to an extraordinary situation, to discover an institution normally not open to the outside world….  

Dynamics, actors and prospects of the video games industry
with Jeff Sandhu, Head of Talent at 42 Kuala Lumpur and Alex Tan,  Co-founder and Project Manager of Hidden Chest Studios.

Moderator: Mohan Low Han Sen, Head of Digital Creative Content, MDEC

Video games are primarily conceived as recreational, as their name indicates it. The last decades have shown that they actually have a greater impact in various sectors, and are more and more present in our daily lives. What is the current situation of the video game industry in Malaysia? What is the path to follow to become a successful video game conceptor? What is the foreseen future of video games, and what roles do they play in our increasingly digitalized societies?Let’s zoom into the video game industry in order to understand its internal dynamics!

8 November 2021
Broadcasted Live on Facebook  Broadcasted Live on Facebook 

[Online] Conflict in Malaysian Forests: The Story of the Tapir and the Elephant
with Dr. Nurzhafarina Othman Director/Founder of Pertubuhan Pemuliharaan Biodiversiti Sabah (Seratu Aatai) and Mr. I S Shanmugaraj Subramaniam Executive Director of Malaysian Nature Society

Moderator: Ms. Siew Lyn Wong Co-founder and editor of Macaranga

Pertubuhan Pemuliharaan Biodiversiti Sabah (Seratu Aatai): Study on the ecology and movement of elephants outside protected areas and in particular in oil palm plantations in order to increase knowledge and awareness of local populations in the context of human-elephant conflicts in Kinabatangan, Borneo.
Malaysian Nature Society : Relocate tapirs from small forest areas dispersed by rapid development and deforestation induced by oil palm plantations to protected areas in order to contribute to the conservation of the species in Peninsular Malaysia.
Pertubuhan Pemuliharaan Biodiversiti Sabah (Seratu Aatai) and Malaysian Nature Society are partly funded by the Embassy of France in Malaysia.

28 June 2021
Watch on Youtube Watch on Youtube

Forests today. How about tomorrow?
with Marcel Djama (CIRAD) and Nur Sakeenah (Greenpeace Malaysia). 
Moderator: Yao-Hua Law

12 April 2021

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[Online] Women And COVID: A French-Malaysia Dialog
with Sandra Laugier and Nisha Sabanayagam.
Moderator: Freda Liu (BFM)

8 March 2021

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[Online] Protecting wildlife in the Malaysian forest: HUTAN, a community-based solution
with Dr Marc Ancrenaz
15 February 2021

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[Online] French Texts and Contexts of community life in 19th Century Malaya
with Dr. Shanthini Pillai, Dr. Liz Ng, Dr. Suziana Mat Saad, and Ms. Anne Vanessa Vincent
7 December 2020 watch on facebook watch on facebook

Tackling Obesity in Malaysia and France
with Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Poulain and Prof. Dr. Mohd Ismail Noor
17 February 2020

Mysterious myth Of The Malaysian Forest At Night
with Priscillia Miard and Mohamad Nur Arifuddin
20 January 2020

Book Launch: "What I saw In Malaya" by Jeanne Cuisinier
with Amir Muhammad, Hélène Ly-Batallan, Introduction by HE Frédéric Laplanche - Ambassador of France to Malaysia
Readings by Grégory Henno - French Comedian

16 December  2019 

In conversation with Hanan Ben Rhouma: Talking about Islam in Multicultural Societies
Moderator: Dina Zaman
25 November 2019   

In conversation with Abdennour Bidar: Multi- Religious Societies in the 21st Century
Moderator: Dr. Mohammed Azam Mohammed Adil

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24 October 2019 

Dealing with Urban Pollution: From KL to Paris
with Olivier Chrétien, Karine Léger,  Dr. Ahmad Ismail, Professor Andy Chan
Moderator: Yao-Hua Law

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07 October 2019 

In Conversation With Shih Li-Kow: A Malaysian Book, A Success in France
with Shih-Li Kow
Moderator: Jerome Bouchaud

23 September 2019

The Problem of Rainforest and Elephant Conservation: A comparative French-Malaysian look
with Professor Pierre-Michel Forget and Dr. Wong Ee Phin 
22 July 2019

On Pencak Silat Martial Art in Malaysia Society: A French Anthropologist view 

with Gabriel Facal
24 June 2019

Palm Oil: A French Economist’s View
In conversation with Dr Jean-Marc Roda  
Journalist/moderator: Julian Ng
13 May 2019

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Defending Women’s Rights: Today and Tomorrow

with Anne-Cecile Mailfert and Rozana Isa
Moderator: Freda Liu (BFM)

18 March 2019
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Malaysian Gastronomy: Past, Present and Future
with Eric Olmedo (Social Anthropologist - The National University of Malaysia)
18 February 2019
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Is there a Malaysian way of thinking Islam?

by Dr. Mohd. Azam Mohd. Adil and Dr. David Delfolie.
Moderator: Zakiah Koya

14 January 2019

What plants talk about

with Prof. Soizic Prado

3 December 2018

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On Globalisation and Cultural Identities

with Jean-Christophe Rufin Moderator: Ahmad Fuad Ramat(BFM) 

19 November 2018
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From Paris to Setiu

by Dr. Jarina Mohd Jani

22 October 2018
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Smart Cities
by Maimunah Jaffar,
Dr.-Ing. Sian Lun Lau,
Sandrine Mathaon,
Gilles Gesquiere
Moderator: Melisa Melina Idris
 18 September 2018
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