Toddlers & Children courses (18 months - 9 years old)

Toddlers & Children Courses

Would you like your child to start leaning French language?
Your child already studied French before and you would like him/her to continue?
Would you like your toddler to be exposed to the specific sounds of French while sharing
a lovely moment with him/her?

AFKL children classes are made for you!

AFKL offer classes from 18 months to 9 years old, in 3 different age groups.
Even if our programmes are well-structured in order to achieve specific goals, we want each class to be a great, fun and interactive one, so that children will enjoy joining them each week and develop a real love for French language.

Kindly take note that we are quite strict on age groups: each of them has been especially designed by our talented team to answer exactly the cognitive and affective development of your children. Our teachers also adapt themselves to the specific needs of each child and each group.

Toddler Classes (18 months-3 y.o.)
-Will be back soon-

Immersion Classes (4-6 y.o.)

Children Classes (7-9 y.o.)

Library Kid's corner (1-9 y.o.)

Learning a new language at an early age makes it easier and faster, thanks to the young brain capacities and fewer inhibitions. It also helps to stimulate a child’s curiosity, makes them more open-minded and tolerant of diversity and improves their problem solving
skills and creativity.

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 T: 03-2694 7880



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