TCF, TCF-Quebec, TCF-Canada and TCF-ANF (TCF for French nationality)

The Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur is the only centre in Malaysia that offers the Test de connaissance du français (TCF) and its variations. Designed by the Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques (CIEP) and accredited by the French Ministry of Education, the TCF is a French language proficiency test for speakers who need their level of proficiency certified for professional, academic or personal reasons.

All candidates receive a certificate of results that grades each skill tested at one of six levels (from A1 to C2) on the competency scale defined by the Council of Europe (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The results are valid for 2 years from the date the exam is taken.

Four versions of the test are offered at Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur:


(General version of the TCF)
The TCF is officially recognized by the French Ministry of Education as well as by the French Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.

There are 3 compulsory parts to this exam:

  • reading (45 minutes, 30 questions)

  • listening (25 minutes, 30 questions)

  • grammar and vocabulary (20 minutes, 20 questions)

You can choose to test one or two more skills: speaking (12 minutes, 3 questions) or/and writing (1 hour, 3 questions)


The TCF-Q has been created especially to meet the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities in Quebec standards and is valid only for immigrant files.

You can choose which parts you want to sit for:

  • listening (25 minutes, 29 questions)

  • speaking (12 minutes, 3 questions)

  • reading (40 minutes, 29 questions)

  • writing (1 hour, 3 questions)

Level B2 minimum is required in order to add points in your file (see FAQ).


The TCF- ANF (Acquisition de la nationalité Française) has been created to meet the new provisions introduced by the French Ministry of the Interior and Immigration Authorities to assess the knowledge of the French language for applicants wishing  to acquire French nationality by marriage or naturalization.
You will have to reach the level B1 (or more) to fulfill the language requirements for your file.

There are 4 compulsory parts:

- listening (25 minutes, 29 questions)

- speaking (12 minutes, 3 questions)

- reading (45 minutes)

-writing (30 minutes)


The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada / Immigration, Réfugiés, Citoyenneté Canada) has approved the TCF Canada, for anyone who wish to take steps towards permanent economic immigration or obtaining Canadian citizenship.

The TCF is compulsory, regardless of the nationality and language of origin (French and people from French-speaking countries).

There are 4 compulsory parts:

  • Speaking (3 questions, 12 minutes)

  • Listening (39 questions ,  35 minutes)

  • Reading (39 questions , 60 minutes)

Writing (3 questions, 60 minutes)

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