New Books 

Comic books donated by Dato Setia Aubry Mennesson are now available for borrowing at the library!

In 1985 where former superheroes exist, the murder
of a colleague sends active vigilante Rorschach into his
own sprawling investigation, uncovering something that
could completely change the course of history as we
know it.

In the 70s, young  Smyrniote Victor Roboly arrives in
Sarawak, a mysterious and wild territory of south-east
Asia, in the northern part of Borneo island. Here, Victor
Roboly is charged of accompanying a scientist in his
journey to find a rare butterfly. However, he quickly
understands that the insect is not the true purpose of
the expedition, and that his mission is far more dangerous
and critical than it first seems...

Paris, an artist’s workshop hidden in an alleyway.
Madeline and Gaspard  are forced to cohabitate for
a few days. The workshop was once owned by the
painter Sean Lorenz. Overcome by the assassination
of his young son, Lorenz had died the year before
their arrival and had left behind three paintings, which
have since disappeared. Fascinated by his genius
and intrigued by his fatal destiny, Madeline and
Gaspard decide  to recover these supposedly
extraordinary paintings.

Listen to each of thoses trees: they have stories to
tell, They'll tell you about their beauty, their
generosity, their strenght...
A poetic tale with 8 great pictures to wonder.

Petit Poilu become the assistant of the meticulous Mr.
Range-Tout, a nice and a complete order maniac who
passed him on his passion for order. But the monkey
Mic-Mac arrives in this perfectly ordered place! Thanks
to his delirious Mix-Machine, he may merge 2 things into one.
All the sudden it becomes quite a mess !

Why is space so dark? What's a shooting star? How
does a rocket works? Why the astronauts are wearing
a backpack? If you too, when you gaze at the stars you
end up with your head full of dreams and
interrogations... this book is meant for you ! Inside, over
130 Q&A on all kinds of topics ranging from the solar
system to the milky way through the missions to
Mars, everything is explained. Well... everything we know!

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