New Books 

Comic books donated by Dato Setia Aubry Menesson are now available for borrowing at the library!

This autobiographical novel written by Craig
Thompson portrays his childhood, his initial love,
and adulthood in an American Christian family.

The story takes place in Paris during the German
Occupation. With the help of an apolitical cat burglar
named François, Jeanne, a French resistance fighter,
tries to save her comrades, from the Gestapo. 

Tintin hears in the news that Bianca Castafiore
and Thompson and Thomson have been imprisoned
for allegedly trying to overthrow the  dictatorship of
General Tapioca, who has deposed Tintin's friend,
General Alcazar.

For the settlers on planet Aldebaran everything seemed to
work fine. However, some weird events happen and with
the Earth gone silent the inhabitant will have to face the unsettling consequences of the major changes those
events bring.

People from Earth have begun to colonize far-off planets;
when an alien spacecraft destroys a spaceship full of
colonists, Earth declares war against these invaders and
recruits soldiers to fight this new threat.

A wanderer gives Nahoni, a princesse who gets bored in
her kingdom a few enchanted hazelnuts. Thoses
hazelnuts will materialize Ly Fo, a unicorn, which
will introduce her to a magical universe.

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