New Books 

Comic books donated by Dato Setia Aubry Mennesson are now available for borrowing at the library!

Zou is not afraid of ghost movies. But his parents
believe so. So they send him to bed. In his bed,
hidden under his sheet, Zou realizes that he makes a
very good ghost. This is the opportunity to do a little
surprise to mom and dad and see if the Great people are as brave as they claim.

While the divers of the Oceans Pathfinder enter the
submerged anomaly to discover strange open boxes,
Elena Shevchenko explore the crashed space wreck on Mars.
Her aim : to stop the mechanism that drives the deadly countdown. Will she manage to avoid the end of the world ?

For three years, Remi is in love with
Juliette, a girl from 3rd B. He is in 4th C.
Juliette is beautiful, too beautiful :
he is afraid to approach her. Remi signed up
for the theater club in hopes of to be friend with Juliette. Surprisingly : they have to perform the piece Romeo and Juliet together.

Whether in class, in the playground, at home or in the
street, Titeuf is very attentive to the world around him.
But right now he's downright lost! Between protests
against nuclear waste who stink slip like the layers of
Zizie and the people who go out on the streets against IVGetarians, he feels that today everyone must have an
opinion on everything. But easy to make the right
choice in a world that is becoming more and more
complicated! Fortunately, there are still friends and
video on internet to explain everything to us.

In August 1992, a valley lost somewhere in the East,
blast furnaces that no longer burn, a lake,
an afternoon of heat wave. Anthony is 14 years old,
and with his cousin, they get bored as it's not permit.
That's where they decide to steal a canoe to see what's happening on the other side, on the famous beach of
the butts. At the end, it will be for Anthony the first love,
the first summer, the one decide all the rest.
It will be the drama of life that begins.

Algernon is a mouse whose under treatment of Pr
Nemur and Dr. Strauss just tenfold intelligence.
Emboldened by this success, scientists attempt,
with the help of psychologist Alice Kinnian, to apply
their discovery of Charlie Gordon, a spirit. It's
soon the extraordinary awakening of intelligence for
the young man. He discovers a world from which he
has always been excluded, and the love that is born
between Alice and him.

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