General Terms & Conditions


Enrolment at Alliance Française is done on a first come first served basis. Once the number of students enrolled in a class reaches the prescribed number of students (16), Alliance Française reserves the right to stop registration of students for the said class.

Students who are enrolling for the first time are required to provide one recent passport size photograph and one copy of their IC or passport. Continuing students are required to renew those documents each year.

Each student is required to be a member of the Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur. A student membership fee is due per annum at the time of the first yearly enrolment, upon enrolment for any course. This membership fee is non refundable, except if the first class of the student is canceled by Alliance Française (see “Cancellation of class”).

Course material can be purchased from the Alliance Française. Photocopied version of any books is not permitted in all classes.


New students seeking for admission in any other level that Basic User 1 will have to sit for a placement test. This test is made up of written and spoken tests designed to assess linguistic skills.

The students are then suggested to join the class the most suitable regarding their level and goals. The students have to pay a fee for this test, which will be deducted from the tuition fees once they enrol. Please note that a student is not guaranteed a place on the course until payment is received.


In the absence of the prescribed number of students (6) enrolled in a class, Alliance Française reserves the right to cancel the said class at any moment without prior notice. Alliance Française will inform the students about other classes suitable for them, according to course schedule and student’s level and own schedule. Tuition fees paid by the student will then be transferred to another class of the term or to the following term, with a prorata according to the classes students already attended.

Should the student not be able to join any class, tuition fees paid will be refunded with a prorata according to the classes students already attended, as well as the membership fees if it was the first registration of the student. Furthermore, Alliance Française will buy back the new course material sold to the student for the cancelled class provided that it is in a good state/condition.

Should it be deemed necessary, the Alliance Française reserves the right to divide, combine or cancel any class, as well as changing the day and/or time of a class.


All fees due (tuition fees, registration fees and material) for every new term shall be paid in advance, the latest on the first day of class. Failure to settle outstanding fees within the prescribed period may result in the student’s exclusion from the class.

An invoice and a receipt will be issued upon any payment made. Students are advised to verify it carefully and to keep it well, as complaints will not be entertained without the original receipt.

All fees paid are non transferable and/or refundable.


Students are allowed to join a class during a term, or to leave it before the end of the term, and pay according our Prorata Table. Some restrictions apply:
- prorata rules does not apply to children and teenagers' classes.
- the prorata is only applicable for: moving to another country, sickness, University Intake or level already completed.
- the absence of the student has to be at the beginning or at the end of the Term, not in the middle.
- the absence has to be 2 weeks or more at the end of the Term, 1 week or more at the beginning.
- the student has to ask for it before the beginning of the Term, when he/she registers. No refund will be done once the Term has begun (except for sickness if it doesn’t allow the student to finish the Term – then, the balance will be transferred to the following Term).
- other discounts does not apply when prorata is calculated.
- the prorate table includes an administrative fee.


Students are expected to attend their lessons at the stipulated days and time given within the stipulated period of study. In the event a student misses classes, no replacement class can be organised and the student may be advised to sign for some private tuition catch-up classes.


Alliance Française may consider the transfer from one course to another of the student or the deferment of his/her fees under the following reasons: serious illness, new job posting within the same company, change of university/school/college timetable.

A formal request must be submitted to the course reception (“Request for transfer of tuition fees” form) together with the proper documentation (medical certificate, employer’s or school letter etc.).

Answer will be given to the student by email within two weeks. Conditions apply:
- there will be no refund of tuition fees
- the transfer will only be possible once and for the current or the following term
- the transfer will only be done in an existing class during the current or the following term: if the class chosen by the student doesn’t exist or is cancelled, no other transfer will be possible
- the transfer won’t take effect from the last day of the class attended by the student, but from the day we received the complete request for transfer or from the day of changing of status (according to the provided documentation)
- deferred fees will be calculated on a prorate basis and will include an extra administrative fee
- if tuition fees due for the new class are higher than the transferred tuition fees, the student will have to pay the balance
- if tuition fees due for the new class are lower than the transferred tuition fees, no refund will be accepted
- membership renewal is compulsory in case it expires before the end of the new class
- no transfer will be accepted for less than four weeks of tuition
- registration fees can’t be transferred from one person to another

Decision to transfer a student or defer the payment of fees is left to the discretion of Alliance Française’s management.


There are tests and examinations for those who are registered in a French group class. These tests and examinations are evaluations on the students’ progress. Students will be notified (one week advance notice) by the teacher as to when the examination will take place.

Please note that if any student misses this evaluation, Alliance Française will not reschedule it.

Regarding the results of the tests, the continuous assessment and the assiduity in class, a student might be advised to repeat a class when the teacher and the course director think he/she hasn’t reach the level allowing him to join the following level.


On request, AFKL can issue an attendance letter for the class(es) the student attended, given that his/her assiduity is 80% or above. Requests should be made within a 2-year period. This letter is not a certificate of level.


Alliance Française and its management shall not be held responsible for any damages, losses or injuries during the course of study at the said French Language and Cultural Centre.

The Management of Alliance Française shall have the authority to suspend or expel any student who is behaving in a manner that affects the good name and security of its staff and students.

Alliance Française reserves the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason.

All timing, fees and regulations of the classes are subject to change without prior notice.

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