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What are the Pépites Internationales?

Pépites Internationales is a program initiated by the Institut français in association with the Salon du Livre et de la Presse Jeunesse, with the purpose to promote French-language literature among French learners around the world. 

It is based on a selection of the best recent books for young audiences. The participants read them, vote for their favorite book and the project thus ends with the election of the "Pépites Internationales" meaning the International gems.

Participating is easy!
1 - Select
your category (illustrated books, novels, comic books)
2 - Read
the books selected for the competition (4 to 5 in each category, see here below)
3 - Vote for your favorite book!

- Join our dedicated storytelling to enjoy the books read in music by a professional actor on the 8th of October!
- Meet one of the authors online and ask them your questions!

Join the Pépites Internationales with AFKL!

In our children and teenager classes

Un Club de lecture gratuit pour les 13-16 ans!

An exciting free Reading Club for fluent teenagers (13-16 yo)

Storytelling Spécial Les Pépites Internationales

Meet an author of the Pépites Internationales !

The selection of books

Illustrated books:

Book 1

Les désastreuses conséquences de la chute d’une goutte de pluie  -  

Adrien Parlange 

Book 2 

Changer d’air - Jeanne Macaigne (virtual meeting with this author)

Book 3

Des trucs comme ci, des trucs comme ça - Bernadette Gervais

Book 4

Les Reflets d’Hariett - Marion Kadi  
The online version of these books is available on Culturethèque and some hardcopies can already be consulted in our library.

The selection of books

Novels (13-16 yo) :

Novel 1

Eden, Fille de personne  -  
Marie Colot 

Novel 2 

Pingouin (Discours amoureux) - Sarah Carré

Novel 3

Les filles montent pas si haut d’habitude - Alice Butaud

Novel 4

Miettes (Humour décalé) - Stéphane Servant     

Comics (13-16 yo) :

Comic 1

Le Club des Amis 2  -  
Sophie Guerrive (Éditions 2024)  

Comic 2

Nowhere Girl - Magali Le Huche (Dargaud)

Comic 3

Polly - Fabrice Melquiot and Isabelle Pralong (La Joie de Lire)

Comic 4

Le Souffle du Géant - Tom Aureille (Sarbacane)     

Comic 5

Le Détective du Bizarre 2 -

Billy Brouillard au Pays des Monstres by Guillaume Bianco (Éditions Soleil)


The online version of these books is available on Culturethèque and some hardcopies can already be consulted in our library.


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