Literature Club 

For the end of a year, our Literature teacher invites you to discover 2 great characters: Arsène Lupin and Le petit Nicolas !

Both are very different, from the gentleman thief and master of disguise to the mischievous child... but both are equally famous in France!

Arsène Lupin
Literature Club

Have you heard about Arsène Lupin?

The famous “gentleman cambrioleur” became so trendy these days thanks to the latest reinterpretation of his stories on the Netflix platform!

In this class, you will discover the famous character in the original short stories by Maurice Leblanc. We will study the first chapters of the wonderful adventures of the biggest fictional mystifier in French literature. We will try to find out why he became such an icon and inspired so many authors and directors since.

For this class you will have to read one chapter (about 30 pages) for each class.

Level required: B1+/B2
Wednesday, 2.30-4.30pm
6-27 October (4 classes)

Book A Seat  Book A Seat 

Le Petit Nicolas
Literature Club

Dive into the cheerful universe of the iconic Petit Nicolas, a classic collection of stories loved by all the French children!
Full of humour, they talk about the adventures, escapades and bêtises of Nicolas, his friends and his family.

It's also a good opportunity to discover France and its school in the late 50s and early 60s, René Goscinny and all the comic characters he created (Asterix and Obelix, Lucky Luke, etc), as well as some French poetry. You'll also discuss about the notion of patrimonial literary characters and may write your own stories in the Le Petit Nicolas' way. So, it's time to join this rich and exciting class!

For this class you will have to read about 20 pages every week.

Level required: B1+/C1
Wednesday, 2.30-4.30pm
10 November - 15 December (6 classes)

Book A Seat  Book A Seat 

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Annual membership of RM100 will be added to your quotation, should you not be a member already or should your membership have expired.


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