Reading Night / La Nuit de la Lecture

Date: 18 Jan 2020, 7:00pm - 10:00pm (GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur


La Nuit de la Lecture / Reading Night - A Reading Afternoon 
Sessions: 7pm to 10pm
Venue:  Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur

Come and join us for an entire afternoon dedicated to the joy of reading! Whether you read in French, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, Arabic or even English and/or you would like to hear beautiful texts in any of these languages, do come!
La Nuit de la Lecture/Reading Night has started in 2018 in France and promotes books and reading in any language, not just French. This will be the first edition in Malaysia, and we hope it will continue in the future!

The event will take the form of an open-mic. Members of the audience as well as Malaysian and foreign authors will be reading excerpts of their own works or share texts that they like, in any language they wish to!

 Kindly RSVP your seat and session below. For the open-mic session, please indicate the book of your choice in the comment section.

Please note that, if you wish to read more than one text, you may be allotted only one slot. Texts will be reviewed before we make the final list

Featured Authors: Jérôme Bouchaud - French author, poet and editor of Jentayu
Bernice Chauly - Malaysian English-language author and poet
Faisal Tehrani - Malaysian Malay-language author and playwright
Saras Manickam - Malaysian English-language writer
Sheena Baharudin- Malaysian English-language poet
Mwaffaq Al-Hajjar - Syrian English and Arabic-language poet and performer
Chiew Ruoh Peng - Malaysian Chinese-language poet
Tshiung Han See - Malaysian English-language writer, editor and publisher
William Tham - Malaysian English-language writer and publisher

Organised with Gerakbudaya PJ

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