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B1 Independent
Workshops - Adults
Day/Time 1

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B1 Independent

Workshop | Lunch Conversation B1+

Workshops - Adults

Unleash Your Lunch Break with French Conversations! 

Are you tired of the same old lunch routine? Ready to spice up your midday break with a dash of French language practice and culture? Bienvenue to our Online French Conversation Class! Once a week, take this opportunity to improve your fluency and dive into lively conversations in French on various topics chosen by your  teacher according to the centres of interest of the group.

Our small group policy (8 students maximum) and the expertise of our great teachers will make these online classes interactive and fun.

Level required: B1+ (from Independent 4 to Advanced 3 at AFKL)
If you're not sure about your level, kindly contact our team.
We reserve the right to check the level of participants before confirming their registration.