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Intensive course
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A1 Basic

Super Package Intensive | Basic 1 & 2

Intensive course

Learn all the basics of French in a small group  and get your A1 official diploma in only 6 weeks!
As it's an intensive class, you'll have an exceptional 15% discount on your tuition fees!
Early bird: get a special goodie bag if you register by 20 January!

Intensive A1 package
- 66 hours of French class
- 12 hours of exam preparation and  training
- textbook Cosmopolite 1
- membership
- DELF A1 exam fees (March 2024 session - You can opt out in the checkout)

Special Package T&C:
- The 15%  discount applies on 2024 fees for classes (does not apply on membership, textbook and exam fees), for a total discount  of RM327.
- The goodie bag offered in the early bird promotion includes a tote bag, a pen, a notebook, a conjugation book and a bookmark.
- The textbook and the goodies will have to be collected at AFKL centres or will be received by CityLink with an extra charge of RM15
- If  you don't  want to sit for DELF A1, you can remove the DELF registration on the cart page; Package fees will then be adjusted to RM2047
- The classes provided in this package will efficiently prepare the students to pass the exam. However, success isn't guaranteed and will be linked to the active participation of the student, including but not limited to: punctuality, regular attendance, participation in class, homework, . Should the student fail the exam, an attendance letter for the class will be provided