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A2 - Intermediate 1 (Online)
Intensive course

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A2 - Intermediate 1 (Online)

Online | Intensive | Intermediate 1

Intensive course

In this level, you will learn how to: Talk about customs and traditions, Make and answer a phone call, Give advice, Talk about past events, Understand a biography, Describe someone's physical appearance, Express feelings and perceptions, Present and describe a place.
Textbook: Alter Ego+1, Dossier 5 - Dossier 6 Leçon 2

Pace: 4 classes a week x 2h15

Online | Intensive | Intermediate 1 & 2

Intensive course

In this level, you will learn how to: Understand a brochure, Talk about food and drinks, Understand and write a menu, Describe clothes, Make a positive or a negative comment, Choose a gift for someone, Describe a product and its function, Purchase everyday products, Express exact quantities, Make a shopping list .

Textbook: Cosmopolite 1, Dossiers 5 to 8

Pace: 2 classes a week x 3h


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