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Onsite | Extensive Saturday pm | Independent 6 [GURNEY]

Product Code: LG - Independent 6 - Saturday pm - 21T2 2021

Age Group Adults
Type Extensive course
Session 2021 - Term 2
Pace 1 class a week x 3h40
Level B1 - Independent 6
Schedules 10 Apr 2021 to 03 Jul 2021
  • Saturday   2pm ▸ 5:40pm at Lorong Gurney > Bretagne (Frédéric Cadet)
Note: No class on 1 & 15 May
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Upon completion of Independent 6, you will be able to:

  - Commit to a cause
  - Express solidarity and support
  - Oppose something or somebody
  - Ask for precisions by email
  - Express goals and intentions
  - Conduct an interview
  - Talk about your artistic and cultural tastes
  - Join a debate: take, keep and give the floor, interrupt someone

Textbook: Alter Ego+3, Dossiers 5 - 6

Required Course Material
Alter Ego+3 (Set)

Very well structured, this modern communication-based textbook will help you to strengthen your skills in French while enjoying exciting topics and up-to-date documents. Alter Ego+ is a world's best-seller textbook, used in many Alliances Françaises all around the world!

This set covers 4 levels It will allow you to finish the B1 programme and start the B2 programme.
The mp3 audios and the videos can also be downloaded from: https://alteregoplus.hachettefle.fr/alter-ego-+-3_livre-de-l-eleve.html

Approx $241.20 USD


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