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A1 - Basic 1
Extensive course
Day/Time 4

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A1 - Basic 1

Introduction to French & Français scolaire (LEVEL 1)

Extensive course

Learn French to better understand your children’s daily life at school!

In this interactive class, you will learn the basics of French and its pronunciation, as well as the useful school vocabulary. You will also discover more about the French school organization and its specific way of teaching/learning, in order to help you accompany your children in their great journey at the Lycée Français.

Participants are beginners in the French language or knowing only a few words in French, with children schooled at the Lycée Français.

The classes will take place at Hévéa (kindergarten and primary school), from 12 October to 21 December (no class on 26 October and 2 November).

Note: The textbook will be brought to you by the teacher on the first class. So there is no need for you to come and pick it up in our centre :)

The class will open with a minimum of 6 participants. The maximum number of participants will be 14.