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Term 1
Lorong Gurney
1 class a week x 1h30

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A1 Basic

Onsite | Extensive Saturday am | Basic Prim 5 [GURNEY]

Regular classes - Children
A2 Intermediate

Onsite | Extensive Saturday am | Intermediate Prim 2 [GURNEY]

Regular classes - Children

Young Children


Onsite | Immersion class (5-6 yo) [GURNEY]

Regular classes - Children

A fun introduction to the French-speaking world

Starting French early makes it easier to master… Our immersion program makes it fun as well!
Routines, games, songs, creative arts and other interactive and creative activities especially designed for their age will guide your children during their journey into French language. No English will be spoken – and kids will love it!

During each term, the groups will explore two specific themes (for example: the house / the family, the sea / the transportations, the farm / the wolf) which introduce specific vocabulary and structures.

Pace: 1 class a week x 1h30

Sorry, this course is sold out.

But you can be added to a waiting list in case a spot becomes available.

Code: LG - Immersion class (4-6 yo) - Saturday am - 22T1
Onsite class (Lorong Gurney), from 18 January to 26 March.
The classes will be cancelled and postposned during lockdown periods.

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